Turbine photo

Cwm Clydach

Hydromatch Consulting Case Study 8 Site Name: Cwm Clydach
System type: Pelton Turbine Power output: 55 kW
Manufacturer: Tepersac Typical Generation: 250 MWh p.a.
Client: Cwmclydach Communities First Design Conditions: H = 85.00 m
Q = 0.1 m3/s
Location: Clydach Vale, Clydach, Wales Commissioned: April 2011

Intake Clydach

Project description:

Cwm Clydach Communities First commissioned this project in a country park, developed on the site of a former colliery. Two lakes were created as amenity features during the landscaping of the park in the 1970’s.

The intake to the hydro scheme has been formed at the outflow of the upper lake and the water returned after passing through a Pelton turbine into the lower lake providing a pressure head of approximately 85 metres.┬áThe penstock pipe is about 1 mile long and buried under an existing footpath. The ‘coanda’ screen at the intake has been protected with a concrete cover to deter potential vandals. The electricity generated is exported directly to the national grid.

The project has been well received by the local community who have taken a keen interest particularly during the construction phase. Income from the scheme is being used to support further community initiatives. A further larger scheme is planned by Cwm Clydach Communities First lower down the valley which will make use of the fall available across an 800 metre length culvert and more abundant flow rates.