Level 1 Assessment

Hydropower Assessment Level 1  £450 +VAT(site survey not included)

This type of study is most appropriate for high head sites where judgements about the level changes can be estimated from topographical information. This is a first step to assess the potential for generating power with hydro scheme.  A Level 1 Assessment enables a decision as to the most appropriate next step whilst ensuring minimum expenditure before a viable resource is identified.

This study will provide:

  • Hydropower resource assessment using flow software
  • Head measurements provided by client or estimated from topographical sources
  • Selection and sizing of suitable hydropower equipment
  • Power and energy capture estimates including penstock selection
  • Likely installation costs
  • Summary report with conclusions and recommendations

In order for this assessment to be as effective as possible, it is useful for us to have the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Postcode of site and plan if available
  • Grid reference or map marked with intake location
  • Pressure ‘head’ (maximum fall of water flow in metres across the installation site)
  • Site photographs

The results will be presented as a clearly written and illustrated short report. Timescale for completion is 2 to 3 weeks following receipt of site details. If the results of this site assessment indicate a viable resource, more advance site development services can be provided including survey services, price on application.

Please contact us at consulting@hydromatch.com if you are interested in a Level 1 Hydropower Assessment.