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We use our experience of scheme optimisation and planning to implement projects that maximise return on investment.

Whatever scale, all hydro projects require a detailed and rigorous approach to design and development.  For new proposals, we will give you an informed and objective view on viability, rapidly identify potential challenges and help to streamline the development.

Where possible, we will provide a range of alternatives and enable the client to take a lead in design decisions.

Hydromatch Consulting provides the following project-related services and we can join your implementation team at any stage of the project.

  • Viability assessments and feasibility studies
  • Detailed hydro energy resource investigations
  • Scheme design and comparison of alternatives strategies
  • Project budgets and financial modelling
  • Environmental applications
  • Fish pass design
  • Planning applications
  • Flood defence consent
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Detailed design
  • Construction drawings
  • OFGEM and Feed-in-Tariff registration
  • Project management and sub-contracting
  • CDM safety planning and implementation
  • Mechanical and Electrical installation
  • Scheme commissioning
  • Operator training and handover
  • Remote monitoring
  • Project maintenance and optimisation under changing conditions

Monmouthshire Hydropower Resources

Hydromatch Ltd worked with Monmouthshire County Council to identify potential hydropower sites in the county. There are several stages to this process:

  1. A desktop study of the region incorporating Environment Agency data and OS map data to identify sites with potential combined head and flow resource. Over 60 proposed sites were identified for further investigation.
  2. Meeting with representatives of the council to discuss preferred sites and local considerations.
  3. Site visits to 15 possible sites to take flow and head measurements and identify limiting factors.
  4. Feasibility studies for site worthy of further investigations.

Please get in touch if you are interested in discussing a similar scoping study or know of a potential hydropower opportunity which you think should be considered in Monmouthshire.