Hydromatch Consulting is the UK partner for HydroWatt. This company are well
known in Germany for their technical innovation and ability to deliver hydropower systems with outstanding performance and reliability. They have a long list of successfully schemes to their credit and are particularly proud of their waterwheel systems; an intelligent re-modelling of a highly recognizable but largely forgotten technology.

They have made a number of important innovations particularly in relation to their breastshot ‘Zuppinger’ waterwheels and their Overshot waterwheels. The HydroWatt waterwheel systems are characterized by the following features:

• High efficiency under varying flow conditions
• Solutions for sites with head down to one metre
• Reliable and fully automatic
• Excellent for watermills
• Aesthetic and fish-friendly
• Intelligent German engineering which is built to last

We have installed waterwheel generators for private customers, at commercial premises and for Government agencies. Please follow links below for case study examples:

001 – Breastshot waterwheel, Hertfordshire
002 – Overshot waterwheel, Somerset
003 – Overshot waterwheel, North Wales
004 – Breastshot waterwheel, Somerset

To find out more about HydroWatt waterwheels, please send us an email request. If you require an estimate of costs and energy output then please provide as much site information as possible and as a minimum, an estimate of the head and details of the location.